GigaGlide, nature & environment friendly ski/board wax alternative. Made in Austria.

gigaglide properties

easy application

easy application


better performance

save money

than wax

extremely long lasting

extremely long lasting

eco friendly

100% environmental friendly

you don’t need wax

GigaGlide is the best alternative to ski wax. Easy to use and ready to run in 5 minutes. GigaGlide is suitable for all types of skis and snowboards and 100% environmentally friendly. It makes you glide on the snow and nothing else!

instant glide will help you

INSTANT GLIDE is a direct gliding spray for use on all snow types and at all temperatures.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Improved gliding properties in most snow conditions
  • Replaces wax completely
  • Suitable for cold coverings
  • 1 bottle is enough for 5 pairs of skis / 3 snowboards
  • 1 application - up to 7 days of fun on the slopes
  • Applicable to waxed and unwaxed skis
  • Can be used for every ski and snowboard discipline

what makes instant glide so unique

All benefits at a glance

saves money

No more time-consuming waxing

long durability

One application, 7 days of fun on the slopes

simple application

Ready to run in 5 minutes

flexible usage

Ski or snowboard, GigaGlide is universally applicable


High level performance in all snow conditions

environmentally friendly

No harmful ingredients

3 steps to the perfect skiing experience

GG Step 1 icon

Step 1

Spray from 10 cm distance and disperse

GG Step 2 icon

Step 2

Wait 2-5 mins

GG Step 3 icon

Step 3

Time to get on the ski slope!

1 bottle of instant glide is suitable for 5 pair of skis or 3 snowboards




1 application of gigaglide
guarantees 7 days of fun on the slope





Traditional waxes used in snow sports contain many chemicals, such as fluorine and hydrocarbon compounds. Those are extremely hazardous to the environment and to health. During skiing, the wax is transferred onto the snow, causing these pollutants to enter the ecosystem.

GigaGlide is not only good for your boards:

  • Feel the joy of good gliding. 
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Environmentally conscious thinking
Waxes with low fluorine content Waxes with high fluorine content All Temp hydrocarbon wax soy wax Instant Glide
No toxic chemicals
No toxic chemicals
  Safe for plant and animal life
Safe for plant and animal life
  Safe for water and water animals
Safe for water and water animals
  Not chemically reactive
Not chemically reactive
  No dangerous VOC's
No dangerous VOC's
  Sustainable solution
Sustainable solution
  Safe for the lungs
Safe for the lungs
  Wide temperature range
Wide temperature range

perfect gliding characteristics

Instant Glide doesn’t only work on the surface, but it goes beyond. There it lubricates at molecular level, guaranteeing perfect gliding properties. Even on ice and wet snow.




who we are

wir sind profis

We are professionals

wir sind regional verankert

We are regionally anchored


We love the winter

wir lieben unsere Berge

We love the mountains

wir lieben wintersport

We love winter sports

What we do

The team from Giga Glide developed the revolutionary formula behind the Instant Glide products in the years 2014 - 2017. We tested it with skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. Our passion is winter sports and the environment, so we combine both.

The freedom from winter sports and environmental awareness should go hand in hand. Together they mean even more carving & skiing pleasure in every snow situation, the best gliding experience, easy application as well as cost savings.

We can not wait to share our experience with you. Try the products of Giga Glide and enjoy endless fun on the slopes.

With Giga Glide we don’t just help you glide on the snow, we also protect the Mountain eco system.

what is in instant glide?

We would like to share it with everyone, but since this is our secret formula, you will understand that we can’t.

However, we assure you, that it works.

Why is Instant Glide better than wax?

Instant Glide übertrifft Wachs in jeder Hinsicht:

  • glides as fast, if not faster than wax, even after days of skiing
  • Don’tgo home early because of bad conditions. Instant Glide helps you in the toughest conditions.
  • Whether you are using your own or rental equipment, Instant Glide can be used on both waxed and unwaxed skis & boards
  • Instant Glide contains no toxic ingredients and is 100% environmentally friendly
  • You can do it yourself. Simply spray on, drive off and enjoy the slopes! No tools required.
Instant Glide seems to be to good to be true, are there any negative aspects?

As it replaces regular wax, it is good for all weather conditions. Of course being an all-weather product, you might find special products that are better in extreme cold or wet spring snow.

For the time being, you can apply those waxes on top of Instant Glide, but we are working on special versions for the next seasons.

How much Instant Glide do I need?

You only need to spray a small amount over your skis or snowboard.

If your equipment is already waxed some of the Instant Glide will wear off with the wax. So if you notice a drop in performance you can just re-apply it with another light spray!

How many applications can I expect from one bottle?

Of course there is a correlation between the number of applications and the physical size of the skis or snowboards you want to treat. But with a test pair of 1.70m All-mountain skis or a 1.60 m board we were able to use the spray 5 times.

A light spray and subsequent wiping with a thin cloth or your finger can help spread Instant Glide evenly.

The other option is to treat several pairs of skis at once - meaning you can apply Instant Glide a few times to the skis of your entire family.

How long does Instant Glide last in the bottle?

It lasts for a few years inside in the metal bottle.

Does Instant Glide also work for (Nordic) cross-country skiing?

Yes, it works great for Nordic skiing. Unlike typical waxes, which are extremely temperature specific, Instant Glide works across all temperatures and conditions. It's a single product that can do it all!

Additionally, fluorine wax will soon be banned in Nordic skiing for health and environmental reasons, therefore Instant Glide is a good alternative.