The efficient application device for the environmentally-friendly ski wax alternative GigaGlide

The innovative ski-wax-alternative

The Reichmann GLIDE MASTER was specifically designed for efficiently applying GIGAGLIDE. GIGAGLIDE is a biodegradable ski-wax-alternative for all kinds of skis and snowboards. With GLIDE MASTER, GIGAGLIDE can effortlessly be applied on ski surfaces within seconds. Application is very comfortable, because compared to waxing, there is no need for heating or brushing out. A single application can last customers up to seven days slope fun and profit off of optimal gliding capability even in extreme snow conditions. Save time and costs through durability and fast application and preserve the environment at the same time!

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Using two rollers arranged one behind the other, the direct gliding fluid is evenly distributed on the ski and excess liquid is wiped off at the same time. This way, just the right amount remains on the ski base.


The GLIDE MASTER does not require any electricity or other accessories. Since there is no dust, heat or vapors, working is safe, clean and environmentally friendly. The rest of the gliding fluid can simply be drained off with the integrated tap at the end of the day.


The GLIDE MASTER as a table model is extremely flexible and space-saving. This means that the application device can also be used flexibly in sales rooms or on the go. Alternatively, the GLIDE MASTER is available with a practical base stand that offers space for a GigaGlide refill canister.

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The efficient coating device for the eco-friendly ski-wax-alternative made by Reichmann.

GIGAGLIDE SERVICE The formula especially for your service workshop for use in the Reichmann GLIDE MASTER. Available in 1- or 5-liter canisters.

GIGAGLIDE SERVICE+ Special formula for even better gliding and higher acceleration of skis. For application in your workshop in 1- or 5- liter canisters available.